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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Learn practical, fun techniques guaranteed to get your stories on paper Weave worlds of wonder beyond your conscious imagining Discover how to write naturally, eloquently and without struggle Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, whatever your genre or form, "The Voice of the Muse" will deepen your creative experience and awaken you to new skills, new stories and a renewed confidence in your innate gifts.

They hover in the shadows, longing to be noticed, yearning to heard, aching to be shared. Together, through this book, you and I will give them voice. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 3.

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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The hardest part about being a writer is accepting it. Even after three published books, one of which was an award winning novel, I tend to shrug and dismiss my writing as an all-consuming hobby, rather than a vocation or career. We need only listen, open our hearts, and keep writing, and those stories will naturally take shape. Much of Voice of the Muse is an incantation. There are a number of guided meditations designed to help you listen to your voice, rather than fight it, so you can approach the place inside of you where creativity begins.

The first rule is that there are no rules. The second is that you must get out of your own way. Leap into the void, and then just write.

The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write

There are also some useful suggestions and exercises designed to help you work through your fears, and find out exactly what you need to write. There are exercises for overcoming block, even when it seems overwhelming, ways of coping with distraction and transition, and ideas you can use to deepen your characters, enrich your settings, and extend your plot.

The book contains chapters for working in writing groups, and also a chapter on how to edit your work without being too brutal to your ego or ideas. Voice of the Muse is certainly a spiritual approach to writing, and it may not be suitable for every kind of writer. The one thing that you can do is encourage and coach, and Gerson has been doing this for fifteen years in his successful classes, and does this very well in Voice of the Muse.

The book provides the tools to guide us towards our own stories, urging us that we must open our hearts and allow ourselves the space, and the self-trust, to do so. We not only have the ability; we have the responsibility. As you sit down to write, your inner voice may ask: Where have all the good stories gone? To where have the inspirations disappeared? When will you be given the words to share the story trapped inside?

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Ideas along our inner paths can be found with the pages of this book. Mark David Gerson provides thoughts and direction on finding and connecting with your muse. He shares exercises on how to connect with th Writers in search of their muse need to explore The Voice of the Muse by Mark David Gerson.


He shares exercises on how to connect with the mysterious disembodied voice writers rely on to share their stories. He provides encouragement and meditations for beginning writers and experienced storytellers. The Guided Meditations found within many chapters will encourage your muse to breath life into your words as they make their way from your pen to the page.

As a writer, it is important to me to keep all of my projects on track. Sometimes, this feels impossible.

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In those moments, I pick up this book, which was written by one of my dear friends. It is an incredibly insightful read. While the subtitle is "Call to Write", I believe what is within can be used for almost any creative endeavor. Gerson writes with a calm, casual air, making this book an easy read, and quick reference. I am pleased to know him, and be able to share his knowledge with those As a writer, it is important to me to keep all of my projects on track.

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I am pleased to know him, and be able to share his knowledge with those who are willing to get it from me, or the book. If that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. VoTM is something more akin to a self-help book for writers. If the idea is enough to send shivers of horror down your spine, do not be afraid. What you will learn from VoTM is how to overcome the myriads of barriers that writers inevitably stumble upon - you know those pesky obstacles that just prevent you from writing, whether they are practical obstacles or mental blocks that make everything you have written seem utter drivel.

The idea sounds a bit new agey at first, but it gets you going and above all, it keeps you going. Give it a try. There are too many useful insights in VoTM to list in this review, but perhaps the most useful one to me was also the most obvious: learning to suspend judgement. We will create a safe space to generate, hone, and share our work together. We will address song form and structure, prosody, storyline, melody, arrangement and last but not least, commercial potential.

Students will be paired up with someone in the first class session to be their co-writer for the week. Co-writers will then work on their songs on their own time. Class time will be set aside each day to discuss progress, problems etc. We will write songs right from the news of the day.

Bring 15 copies of anything of this kind you have written.

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Come explore what traditional songs have to teach us in the 21st century. We will write new verses for traditional songs, which will give us a new appreciation for this priceless heritage. I hope this class will find us all in the middle of a new one. Our purpose will be to write new songs and to a lesser degree, complete promising, unfinished pieces.

The first day I will talk a little bit about what has worked for me as a performing songwriter. Most of the week will be spent on actually cultivating new songs. I hope to create a positive atmosphere where writing a new song is not only possible but inevitable. We will start new songs from scratch or work on songs newly begun in other classes or at home. Then we will focus on ways for you to connect with audiences in a live performance setting. You can benefit from my experience and decades of mistakes to find ways of crafting a set, telling your story, presenting you and your songs.

Providing lyric sheets printed or with neat handwriting is encouraged! Fortunately, the Muse is kind to those who are busy at work! Come explore how creativity can blossom from boundaries. Unearthing a song requires asking the kinds of questions that will help you imagine it complete. You have just a piece of a song, but not the whole story. What character might speak these lines? What trace of intent or feeling is in the music?

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Who might be speaking to whom, and why? There are so many possibilities, but once you can fully imagine the life that this fragment came from — how it walked — you can fill in the missing pieces and bring the song to life. When we do them together, we can make them fun. For example, we will all take 15 minutes to write our own little melody to the 2 lines of lyrics up there on the blackboard, and then we will all be welcome to share and talk about how we did it.

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What clues did the words give us? How did we discern the rhythm? All the different possibilities open our imaginations. Then, for the next exercise, I give everyone the same short piece of melody on your phone and we each take 15 minutes to write words that fit it.

You could start with some nonsense combinations of words. There are no wrong answers. The momentum and freedom we feel from simple exercises gives us confidence to be more playful with our writing. This class is for anyone who wants to inhabit their own songs more comfortably. We work to create a safe environment to explore and take risks. Really fun! Explore fresh, physical ways into songwriting while at the same time strengthening your confidence, clarity and presence.