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If you're only staying in hotels then you're seriously limiting the breadth of experiences you can have while travelling. Home rentals are the big game-changer, the way to experience parts of the world previously unreachable, to immerse yourself in someone else's way of living, to see new neighbourhoods and new towns, to become a local, to live someone else's life just for a few days.

And it's a simple as a few clicks of a mouse. There are material benefits to renting someone else's home. There's the fact you get access to a kitchen, and a laundry, and far more space than you could ever reasonably expect in a hotel. There's the convenience of staying in the part of a country or city that you really want to be in. The main attraction, however, is intangible, and immeasurable.

Stay in someone's home and you're seeing the world in a different way. You're understanding local life without the tourist packaging. You're doing something real. A smartphone is a tool, and wondrous are its ways for the traveller. Its GPS-enabled mapping apps will lead you along rightful paths.

Google Translate will make sense of the menu that is before you, will talk in tongues that are unknown to you. Your phone camera will capture happy discoveries, be it on your plate or a thing of joy and wonder. By the weather app you shall know whether a raincoat or a sun hat shall be your fitting raiment for the day, and all these things are good and proper. Your smartphone is a beautiful tool, but a tool that can become the master and you the slave, blind to the glories of this world.

Is that you, sitting in a foreign cafe hunched over your phone? Or wandering around St Mark's Square in Venice with your phone on the end of a selfie stick? Your smartphone has cast a veil upon the world around you. Although you might wake your phone from its slumber intending to check the opening hours of the gallery on your list for the afternoon, behold! A shirt you were admiring two weeks before on Net-a-porter pops up on your screen with a crazy sale price, you'll segue from there to Pippa Middleton's engagement ring and from there to the dark land of Kardashian — and then you've lost your place in the world that is real.

For all its virtues, and all the entertainment of YouTube and Snapchat your phone cannot recreate the smells, the clamour, the tactile sensations of the world.

But Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not among the seven deadly sins. They too have their place but forsake them until the sun has set upon your foreign day. Great travel has never been just about the destination. And contrary to a billion Instagram memes, it's not even just about the journey. Great travel is about understanding more about the world, enriching your life with experiences and impressions from outside your comfort zone.

And regardless of whether you're climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, on a Contiki tour or in a resort, the greatest way to do that is to talk to the world's citizens. I know, I know. These are anxious times. Stranger danger is at an all-time high. Of course, you need to use common sense and keep yourself safe. But honestly, if you choose to avoid interaction altogether, you are missing out. You're missing out on that opportunity for a broader world vision. And even if you really don't care about that, you're missing out on a whole lot of fun.

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The 10 Commandments For Aspiring Travelers

Lying on a banana lounge in the Gili Islands of Indonesia, we got talking to the couple next to us. He was a deep sea diver on oil rigs. Oh, the stories of adventure he told. Sitting in a bar in Los Angeles, we got talking to the guy next to us. He was in the famous new wave band, Devo. I mean, wow. In a guest house in Padua, Italy, I got talking to the Filipino maid.

What an inspiring story that woman had: of working hard for her children so far away in the Philippines, whom she saw only a few times a year. On a train in Europe, I met an American woman who had given up a life of luxury and taken her family to live an Orthodox Jewish life in Israel because her spoiled children were off the rails in Beverly Hills.

Mind boggling. I met a few holiday romance types too along the way. And of course, the odd nutter, requiring quick extrication from the situation. But even so, my life is richer for it. Film and restaurant critics can make their entire careers through acerbic criticism, advising people on how they should best spend a little of their time and money. Travel writers have a greater burden: hundreds or thousands of dollars are at stake, days or weeks of a person's life. You'd think that would be liberating, but telling the absolute truth in travel is close to impossible. Partly because it comes off as ignorant, and partly because it would put off advertisers and possibly readers, too.

It's hard to tell the truth in travel writing, but strive to tell it you must.

10 Commandments of Travel

The benefits are manifold. There's that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with being honest, but more than that, it adds to the writing itself. If you're standing on a pungent, squalid street in the middle of New Delhi, describe it as such — people won't be put off, and if they are, then India wasn't the country for them anyway.

A much bigger sin is to gloss over things entirely, to pretend that everything is wonderful when it's not.

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As a travel writer you can afford to leave out the disappointing things; bloggers cannot. Travelling on the dime of their hosts, every tweet, Insta-pic and post must be "on-message". It's raw advertising, inferior postcards created by amateurs for personal gain and no financial reward. Bloggers work for free, boasting of their exploits to impress who knows who. A travel writer should be a professional, worthy of being paid for their honest expertise — there's no need to boast about that, the words and pictures will tell more than one story. Home Destinations. Search Site. Taking photos are a wonderful way to capture beautiful moments.

So yes, take some photos on your vacation.

Ten Commandments for Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Exercise your mind and learn to take mental pictures. Is your plane delayed? Remember how to laugh! Be kind no matter the situation, and give away smiles as often as possible.

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A little kindness goes a long way. Learn how to listen to that voice inside your head. That voice inside your head will help you stay safe and stay smart. Best of all, the final lesson shows how all of the commandments lead us to Jesus.

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