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Inventive and charming, The Wicked Wizard of Oz offers an experience that any gamebook fan should find worthwhile.


My previous knowledge of Oz barely extended beyond the film starring Judy Garland, however, I was easily able to enjoy this as a creative piece of interactive fiction, with some known and unknown Oz elements. Readers with an existing appreciation for the world created by L. Frank Baum will surely find much to enjoy when revisiting this enhanced, dieselpunk version, with only the fussiest of Oz devotees likely to have any issue with the inventive modifications that have been applied.

The six playable characters each offer something different, and their stories move along at a great clip, constantly introducing new challenges and adversaries. The book never loses interest or momentum, even with all of its multiple complexities, which is an admirable accomplishment by itself. A multi-path storyline sees you playing as one of the key characters from L. There are plenty of Agility, Combat and Endurance tests to pass, code words, equipment and allies to collect, and you can replace the rolling of dice with a pack of playing cards special illustrated cards were available as part of the Kickstarter to determine random numbers.

They are red and they work by clicking the heels together, just like Dorothy's ruby slippers. One of the alternative answers is "I am Oz, the great and terrible". The gargoyle then says "Who do you think I am -- Dorothy? Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? What's Up Doc? Shining Time Station: Mr. Conductor brings up the movie. I don't know how it works! I don't know how it works. And a brain! Mystery Science Theater Alien from L. Weird Science: Party High, U.

Like Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz'? Also Bruce Willis says, "there's no place like home. Mystery Science Theater Bloodlust! The wind began to twitch And you, and you Where's the Scarecrow? Lovejoy: Somewhere - Over the Rainbow? I'm melting! Oh what a world! Also, the queen references the Wicked Witch's famous line, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too. Tell Dorothy and Toto to hide. It's the Wicked Witch of the West. Smith refers to Lisa as Robby the Robot as a "clattering clank of cogs.

Lindsay then tells him that the Munchkins were not kids; they were "little people. Auntie Em? There's no place like home! A drawing also shows Tank Girl in a Dorothy-like outfit with a dog by her side. He's gay.

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There no place like home! Frank Baum's bio. Cybill: Where's Zoey? Lights, Camera, Action! Click your heels together three times. Also, the device the team tries to send up into the tornado is named "Dorothy" as the main character in the movie.

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An image of Dorothy is even painted on the side. Also, in the flashback scene at the beginning of the film where Helen Hunt's character's father is blown away by a tornado, a Cairn terrier like Toto from The Wizard of OZ is also in the storm cellar. Pennypincher: "I'm taking Whipstaff Manor and your little dog Toto, too.

And you. And you" to the Brady kids. Due to the tornadoes, flying monkeys and witches, watching the film used to give her nightmares for a week. He then says, "Hey! How would you like it if someone picked one of your apples?! The People vs. Homicide: Life on the Street: M. First, the main character makes friends on the way.

Second, the first friend the main character of each story finds is a scarecrow. Third, there is a character who wants to go home. Fourth, the main villain of each story wants to capture the protagonist. And finally, the characters' mission is to go to a special land ruled by a powerful ruler.

And you were in it, and you It was all a dream. What a world! James hides behind a curtain after he's been discovered by Dave. Just Shoot Me! The Roseanne Show: Episode 1. He relates his time journey much as Dorothy does when she returns from Oz and winds up in her own bed surrounded by the main characters.

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He splashes water on her then asks when she's going to start melting. Oliver, and your little pig too! Super Smash Bros. Homicide: Life on the Street: Homicide. So now we're supposed to follow the Yellow Brick Road? Just a Minute: Episode 4.


Someone's seen 'Wizard of Oz' way too many times. The man then convinces her to return to her family. I had the weirdest dream. You were in it.

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And you were it. Oh, and the weird kid too. Come here, Toto. Vernon Larson refers to himself as "the Great and Powerful Oz.

Ernest Miller wore red slippers at this time. The rest of the cast references the movie later as well.

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