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See you next year, Laramie, Wyoming! In less than 8min we were able to get his best learnings, thoughts, and opinions about Bitcoin.

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It was some super helpful ideas he had. All Humans are Welcome. And the Windshield Time Journey Update. Lots has happened.

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Lots more will happen. How sound works. Branding, logo, etc. Being spouses and business partners. Please share Windshield Time with your friends and family. Satoshi [feat. He is responsible for the investment management, finance structuring and capital partnerships of Arch River including its regulatory and reporting compliance practices. Chris brings over 25 years of investment industry expertise specializing in corporate and venture finance, business valuation, business operations efficiency, regulatory compliance practices, securities research, portfoliomanagement, arbitrage trading and hedging.

His career spans technology, finance, and real estate in both Asia and America. He is a member of the Cascadia Blockchain Council and testified to the Washington State House Committee on Innovation and Technology on behalf of the first blockchain bill.

He was previously a co-founder of Flowroute, an API-driven telecommunications carrier, serving in the different capacities of leading product, engineering, marketing and sales to scale the organization to its recent acquisition. Leung Ph. Brock was on the Lolli 1st Birthday live show with us on Windshield Time. Would love help with your shiniest 5-star ratings and comments.

Lerner lawrencelerner gmail. Windshield Time is a non-technical, fun podcast about life, money and bitcoin for parents and busy professionals who are curious about bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptoassets. Dae, Arry and their guests talk about this evolutionary technology and what it touches in all of our lives. We are actually in the car : post-Detroit debrief events! Driving together and doing windshield time together recording. Arry plays the piano. Intros Coinme plug. Cash USD on-ramp to Bitcoin. Partnership w Coinstar.

Parenting while on vacation is a lot of work especially for the parents. It was worth it for the two pods we were able to do. Got to experience some good memories together. Tres Sandwiches in Bellevue plug. Best Japanese sandwiches ever. Get there early cuz they sell out fast.

And they give it away! Thanks Tatiana for Bitcoin Jingle. Marang sp? A lot more detailed notes to come from our site www. The Sixth Grade and Money. A really special episode where we interview "JJ" a typical mid-western sixth grader about what her understandings are of money and the various high level concepts about money in society today.

An outtake interaction with a 3. Mark Yusko full Interview, getting to know the real founder and investor. We end with a palm reading that partially revealed a mid-life story that can only be shared over a beer so not today!

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August 5th Satoshi math. Dae intro. Arry intro. Mark Yusko full show. How Pomp Anthony Pompliano and Mark met.

May 22nd Pachamama Alliance San Diego Luncheon

Arry has an idea that might be viable for a new new business venture. A special song from a 3. We aimed for a shorter podcast episode - it ended up being our longest.

Tesla Investor, Valor Equity Partners, Addresses CTP/CTAs at Luncheon

Bitcoin update satoshi math from Dae. Bitcoin is a new kind of important asset. Rates were cut at record low rates of unemployment.

RPAC Major Investor Luncheon

The US has printed an extra 10 trillion dollars since - less global money supply, global trade slows, higher chance of recession, …. But stocks are going up. Stocks went down. Bitcoin went up.

Funding costs heading up

Mark Yusko was suggesting that people get out of equity markets right now and move into alternative investments. Depends on who you ask. Bitcoin talk track about how it is the evolution of digital. Lots of movie, paper, book recommendations from Mark Yusko.

Future guests will be coming! Cypto Twitter is a thing. Recently celebrated the days for theQuinoa - we recently had a party as with Korean culture. Dragonchain sticker is high quality. Dae is leveling up or into the Rabbit Hole further on Austrian economics. Stephan Livera gets some great guests on his podcast. Stephan is a old bit coiner and in Austrian economics. Hatching Twitter - great book.