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Om het beide Verweerders my verset om voort te gaan met die uitsetting. Hulle het die kombuisdeur se sleutel geneem waarop die behuisings personeel weer gekontak is om die slotte te verander. Om 16h30 is die woning deur my, die Adjunk gesluit na verskeie probleme ondervind is met die Verweerders. Die sleutel is oorhandig aan die Behuisings personeel. The first respondent, in his answering affidavit, alleged that he was away on a medical consultation when his furniture and personal effects were removed from the premises.

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He maintained that he never encounted Mr Koekemoer. According to him, when he returned from the medical consultation, he found his furniture and personal effects strewn outside the premises, and the premises unlocked. He then moved back in. This version is patently false, and I reject it. During the morning of the day after the eviction, the applicant discovered that the respondents had re-occupied the premises.

This caused the applicant to bring an urgent application to this Court wherein the following relief was claimed:. On 10 February , after hearing argument by Mr Snider for the applicant and Mr Nkuhlu for the respondent, I made an order as follows:. I undertook to give reasons for the order.

What is it like to work at Kloof gold Mine?

This judgment contains my reasons. Mr Nkuhlu suggested that the applicant did not fulfill all its undertakings incorporated in the order of 29 July , and that the respondents are thereby relieved from compliance with the order. There are no merits in this suggestion. Contact Us with the details. How it works. Green pictorial cloth boards, gilt titling to front and spine.

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  7. Boards show some signs of wear, text-block edges show very light foxing, otherwise a very good copy. The Kopje Farm, by William Johnston, illus. Lancelot Speed. Blue and red pictorial cloth boards and spine. Titling to front and spine, gilt title label on spine. Text-block edges age-toned, very slight foxing. Illustrated endpapers, feps age-toned. Previous owner inscription on half-title page. Occassional foxing throughout, otherwise a very good copy. Therefore, structural ally picked on every third inline and crossline of the seismic interpretation in these areas was challenging.

    Excavations, and in sections 75 m interval. Faults were also picked on the VCR particular stopes, were expected to produce high-amplitude surface. Therefore, in order to pick faults on the Figs. The average stoping height is of the order of VCR seismic horizon, breaks needed to be visible. The amplitude approximately 1—2 m [47]. Apart from the stoped- present in the data Fig. The amplitude measures the seismic out areas, the amplitude map resolved variations in the frequency acoustic impedance and thus helps to identify changes in litholo- of structural elements throughout the survey area.

    Areas with gical characteristics in the data. The VCR amplitude display was divided and scattering of the seismic energy. The part of the survey mapping was therefore used to reduce the ambiguity. The KEA included areas east of stopes nearby Shaft 1 diminutions. The VCR pick, as shown in any west- north of the Shaft 8 complex and northwest of the Shaft 7 east seismic section, is clear across the survey area, showing complex Fig. The due to low fold-of-coverage and poor migration at the edges of the noise introduced during picking was smoothed using post-fault survey Fig.

    In addition, the poor quality of the data in the interpolation smoothing operators such as the bi-harmonic northern part of Shaft 8 complex is unavoidable because of smoothing algorithm [48]. These operators seek to remove the outcropping dolomite rocks, which hampered seismic acquisition isolated surface noise, but retain linear breaks faults. Subse- [15].

    These techniques provided maximum robust picks. Amplitude attribute computed for the VCR horizon across the Kloof survey area. The map shows the location of shaft excavations, stoped-out and development areas, and the imaged faults black lines. Generally, faults picked manually on mine development infrastructure maps. The datasets were inte- seismic sections do not exactly match breaks in the horizon. The grated into the mine planning process using the AutoCAD package. The 3D fault-horizon mapping data.

    Comparison of seismic model and geomodels 5. Data integration and comparison The interpretations based on mapping and seismic data are The data that were integrated and utilized in the development presented in Fig. There are clearly more faults and dikes present of the VCR orebody model includes 3D seismic data, 3D seismic in the geomodel when compared with the seismic model for the interpretation, mine geomodels that incorporate faults and dikes development areas.

    Some faults and dikes resolved in the geomo- mapped in underground workings, intersections of the VCR by del do not appear in the seismics, and vice versa Fig.

    Two miners killed at Sibanye Gold Kloof mine

    Note that the 4 Shaft intersects the fault at depth of about 3. Therefore, the geomodel clearly a consistent error in the depth conversion. Furthermore some depth misties of unmapped areas Fig.

    Furthermore, there are a number of several meters occurred where boreholes were drilled in faults and dikes that match in seismic and geomodels. In fact, faulted areas. The data each other.

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    How- derived VCR seismic horizon to compare the two models, mis- ever, a potential problem with this approach is that although it correlations occur. In most cases, the underground mapped provides better results, it does not take into account the true structures are located within 50 m of their seismic equivalent, or reason for the error, which is the wrong velocity model used for equivalent to 2 bins of the seismic data. Thus mapping data the PSTM and subsequent depth conversion. Comparison of seismic model and infrastructure underground positioning of structures.

    The Gold Kloof by H. A. Bryden

    To assess and test the depth correlation between the VCR The purpose of tieing the seismic data and infrastructure, such seismic horizon and geomodel, the depth misties were computed. This was achieved through the computa- area. The seismic model in the northern area places the VCR tion of thick slice seismic volume amplitudes. These attributes are deeper than the geomodel.

    The southern area resolves large but horizontal sections extracted at constant time coordinate of the 3D variable depth misties between VCR geomodel and seismic model. They provide the poor velocity model used for prestack time migration. The root mean-square high amplitudes of iso- seismic interpretation and VCR orebody modeling.

    The surface lated bodies also coincided with stopes and shaft barrels in Shaft boreholes were drilled on a widely-spaced grid 41 km , while 4, although the seismic anomaly was offset from the expected underground boreholes were drilled in a tight grid o m. The bias and discrepancies between the depth-borehole and lateral position misties are very likely to be seismics and infrastructure needed to be taken into account for related, because these are controlled by the velocity assigned to all seismically-imaged structures. It is interpreted that the major the metabasalts of the Klipriviersberg Supergroup.

    The comparisons between seismic and mine underground mapped faults and dikes. Note the structures that are present in both models as shown by arrows. Infrastructure clearly provides key reference points for imaged architectures into models, and thereby ultimately optimize ore underground structures within m and 40 m from the shafts. However, the major challenge with these results is that amplitude Fault geometric attributes, especially dip, are a major consid- anomalies resulting from large excavations can be several bins in eration in rock stability estimates.

    For example, orebody blocks size. The dip, strike and fault throw maps for seismi- cally modeled structures in the development areas are presented in Fig. Structural analysis 6. The fault character- Fault throw is an important geometrical attribute in structural istics that are critical to VCR orebody mining include fault analysis because it provides information about the relative vertical distribution patterns, position, continuity, strike, dip, dip direction, displacement between fault blocks.

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    To estimate the appropriate pitch and hade, fault length, fault spacing compartmentalization , fault throw, the 3D fault planes were mapped for the entire length fault offset throws and fault heave. These characteristics are of the fault in the development area. Frequently, it is assumed that interdependent. To avoid misinterpretations, and ensure robust can be estimated.

    This is interpreted to mean that fault throw is orebody modeling, it is desirable to assess accurately the impact indeed variable along fault planes, but that variability decreases at that arrays of faults and dikes can have on the mining of the points of intersection of some faults and not the converse. A orebody. Fortunately, the latest improved modeling techniques simple model of fault throw may thus not be ideal and a potential enhance the ability to handle and incorporate complex structural source of error into the orebody modeling.

    The tieing of the VCR to the exploration boreholes. Note how the borehole intersections to the north around 3 Shaft are generally below the VCR.