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Joe a Native from the Great Lake District in Canada, orange fleece sweater, sneakers, jeans lives with a constant awareness of seven generations ahead and behind him. He tells me how he, when making an important choice, projects the impact of that choice into seven generations in the future, than seven generations in the past. I realize that the time zone in which I live is small. I realize that I only live in my own time.

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I long to stretch the time around me, to get to know my ancestors, to develop a faith in the time after me, the time without me. If time is a space in which you reside, I imagine that the walls that were always there slowly crumble. That I can reveal space with my thinking. That new space, new time is released.

The theatre is a space without walls. A room without a stand, without a podium, without a foyer and without a wardrobe. Theatre takes place in the space between people. We come together, share our time and our stories. That is theatre. No more and no less. The church is full. A young man is buried.

I know his brother. At the front I see him sitting next to his father.

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In the back, on a small increase, there is still room. A church full of bent backs stretches in front of me. Backs in suit. Dark blue, black. Occasionally a dress.

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The sadness has settled in the shoulders. They are waiting for touch likelonely animals.

Only centimeters away from each other, chair on chair, row after row. A small touch, accidental bumping, would be a relief. But nobody touches anyone for an hour. Nowhere is a hand placed on a shoulder. Then the brother breaks. He grabs his father and cries. All those present take a breath of fresh air. Everyone was touched for a moment. Then father and son sit down again and fall back into the old pattern. Together alone. Theater is meeting, we keep repeating. We share time and space. We are present.

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We hope to be present. We sit side by side, look at each other and hope to be together. The artist entrance, the entrance. Two doors to the same room. I am reminded of a scene from Nostalgia of Tarkovsky. An old man stands on top of a stone horse on an immense Italian square surrounded by stairs and colossal buildings. In one long movement, Tarkovsky mainly films the people who listen, or rather, do not listen.

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Lethargic they stare ahead. The old man calls as hard as he can:.

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Get Still. Listen to your Body. Purchase Tickets. Make love to the mystery that resides in the space between. A dance and wellness retreat offering you the opportunity to slow down, turn inwards and explore your sensuality from a place of reverence, safety and acceptance. This retreat is for you if: You desire to have more intimate and nourishing connections on and off the dance floor. You want to become a better partner dancer and have more satisfying dances. You long for a deeper connection to and awareness of your sensual nature. You are willing to slow down and be curious about the subtleties of connection to yourself and others.

What to expect: A co-created container of acceptance, trust and safety. Freedom to explore, open up and express who you are as a sensual being. Invitations to slow down, turn inwards and connect deeper with yourself, others and nature. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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