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Are you wondering if investing in professional services would be worthwhile? Are you confused about how a career coach might help you? Reduce the challenges moving forward. Place sections in order of importance from top to bottom.

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Make sure each section contains a uniform look. Consistent style is important as it enhances the readability.

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Readability is essential. Starting off real easy. Your name. No need to be all fancy about it with extravagant colors or fancy fonts. Plain and simple does the trick.

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You want the recruiter to see this easily from a mile away because you want them to know who you are. A recruiter who has to do minimum work is a happy recruiter. A happy recruiter is one who is more likely to give you an interview. Your contact info should be as easy as identifying your name. This is so important. Of all the things in the world, please do not mess this one up because how else on earth will the recruiter contact you? According to the U. So be proud of it and include it!

Right off the bat, this tells the recruiter that you are invested in education and learning, which is crucial because technology is continuously changing. Furthermore, this information serves as an indicator of your successes, so be sure to put it down. Be sure to include relevant coursework corresponding to the position that you are applying for.

Applying for a Job? This is Exactly How to Write a Winning Resume

And as previously mentioned, a happy recruiter is more likely to give you an interview. You want to paint a picture of yourself in the best light possible so that recruiters and hiring managers want to interview you. Now back to your GPA. It should be fairly obvious whether or not your GPA is impressive.

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If your GPA is below a 3. If you have a GPA between 3. From personal experience, I have talked to some companies that require a minimum GPA of 3. Most software companies have little regard for your GPA. If you have anything above a 3.

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If you have a low GPA, fear not, as this gives you the opportunity to be creative! My overall GPA was a 3.

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  • There are many ways of going about presenting yourself in the best light possible, even when it may seem like the odds are stacked against you. I only provided one example of accomplishing this, but there are many more ways waiting to be discovered by you.

    Fully embrace your failures and accomplishments because they make up who are you. Be honest and truthful, and always focus on highlighting the best parts about yourself. Recap: Your GPA does not define you. Never forget that! While it is great to have past work experience, not all work experience is treated equally when it comes to looking for a job in software engineering.

    Focus only on including work experience that has relevance to the job that you are applying for. Unfortunately, your abilities to handle money or serve food did not provide any indication that you will succeed as a software engineer.

    This is analogous to the college application process, where you had to write separate essays for each university that you applied to. Each college has its own values, culture, and vision, making it nearly impossible to write a generic, one-size-fits-all college essay.

    Lastly, a note on dates. Order your experiences in descending order starting with your most recent experiences. For undergraduates, this means being mindful of including experiences that are both recent and relevant. Sadly, no one cares about whatever accomplishments you had in middle school or high school.

    If the experience is outdated, leave it out.