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Revenge is over! ABC axes Emily VanCamp's show after four seasons following ratings dip

Further, these ladies and surrounding gents are supposed to be highly trained in combat and as such should know the proper names of weak vulnerable spots. So when a character is injured and another character starts to internally catalog the injury and then begin to panic as to how the injury to the deltoid muscle on her shoulder was really close to being knifed in the carotid artery or jugular vein could have spelled death for her, I get a little irritated that they didn't also mention that the brachial artery right there in the armpit was even closer and could have as easily spelled death wasn't mentioned.

Again, nitpicky, I know. I felt like there was just something missing in the story and that it was a collection of scenes like on a TV show. Maybe it's just that this is a first book in the series and setting up a lot of the world building and therefore the rest of the stories but I felt like maybe the climax of the story happened too quickly or wasn't as grand as it could have been.

I understand, to continue would make the book too long and complicated but to end shortly after the climax would be too soon.


I just felt like I needed more. I am looking forward to more stories and continuing the series.

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And, as I said, it can't get better than a kick-ass heroine more the better a group of 'em! This series centers around the group of Valkyries that are girls that are trained by the US government to be covert operators. The program was supposed to have been shut down Now someone is trying to take the remaining Valkyries out But the remaining titles will not be as the backstory will continue to unfold.

There are appearances of three other characters from previous books but Ms. Megan is a Valkyrie who has gone into hiding after a few of her fellow sisters in arms have turned up dead. Tyler is sent to be her partner as this group of covert operators works to uncover who is behind the leaking of the information These two have a past of misunderstanding and hurt. Can they overcome that past and work together, or will Megan be the next victim? For some reason, I love to read before bed. And sometimes But was it worth losing sleep over?


I love almost all subgenres of romance but thanks to Nora Roberts, romantic suspense is my great love in the literary world. I give Stealing Vengeance by Kaylea Cross 4. May 27, Paula rated it it was amazing. Pretty clever for a government to use women instead of the traditional male soldier. Reads well as a stand-alone giving background on Megan and the government program as needed. Megan is so closely and completely developed that could understand, empathize, and cross my fingers that more and better would be in store for her future. It would take an exceptional male to love and win this woman over, Tyler was perfect for the role including or making because of his unfortunate role in her past.

Loved scenes where these two were together. For full disclosure, I simply loved this heart pounding book form beginning to end. Other Valkyries also make an appearance. Both of these have minor roles but will bring the reader up to speed with the operatives.

At least three more have been named, with a Hooray from me that more is to come. All thoughts and opinions are my own. May 27, Anna Green rated it really liked it. Jun 09, Lin Nerdy Bookworm rated it it was amazing. This book is the first book in this series of intense drama and intriguing action packed story of deception, kidnapping, traitor and betrayal.

Standalones - Jenna Jacob

The Valkyries a secret program that was created in training girls to be great female assassins. There was two phases that was created but after an incident the second phase of the assassins vi This book is the first book in this series of intense drama and intriguing action packed story of deception, kidnapping, traitor and betrayal. There was two phases that was created but after an incident the second phase of the assassins vital information and location had been leaked.

Megan Smith is a part of the Valkyries program. The creator took everything she ever known or remember from her at a young age. She was deployed to uncovering the traitor responsible for disclosing intel on her sisterhood prior mission to the enemy after several of them was killed. Her shocking moment was discovering her partner for the mission was someone who betrayed her during her training.

Surrender Audiobook The Surrender Series By Melody Anne

Megan was trained to be independent, resilient, evasive but most importantly unemotionally attached therefore, Ty was more a threat than the traitor. The young lady left a great impression on him but he learned later of the tragically ordeal she endured and his unknown involvement in her penalty for such actions.

Several years later he was asked to assist Megan in finding the traitor but their reunion was met with resistance that later lead to reconnections. The story is interesting but it has several lingering questions: Who is trying to hide the existence of the Valkyrie program? What happened to Amber? Where is Hannah? This story has so many mysterious and treasonous issues that will ultimately leave you gasping for air.

A Novel of the Breeds Series

I definitely recommend reading the story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Review Copy via Netgalley. Jun 09, Nikki Brooks rated it really liked it Shelves: series-boxsets , military-spy-spec-ops , netgalley , reviewed , kaylea-cross. I did feel a wee bit lost at the start of this book. I hadn't read any of the books featuring the other Valkyrie's Trinity, Briar, etc so I was a bit on the backfoot. However, I was caught up in no time and it certainly didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.

Megan and her fellow Valkyries were shot down in flames by the government. After they were left out to fend for themselves, she went into hiding with a former ally in England. But now there are others hunting for her. They say they a I did feel a wee bit lost at the start of this book. They say they are fellow Valyrie's but can she trust them?

But when he later finds out the part he paid in her capture and torture he has an innate need to try and rectify his inadvertent betrayal.

Megan as a thief has no equal! She gets in and out of places with ease.

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But with Ty dogging her every step she may not be able to slip the lash as easily as she once did. But even more weirdly she finds herself wanting him around. Valkyrie's don't do relationships but as she gets to know Trinity and the others will that idea change? Great paced, tense thriller. If the leads were reinvented as the other sex, they'd still be great characters. It's less about a great female covert agent, than a covert agent who just happens to be a female! Ty is a great wingman - he may have come at this mission as an act o attrition but he finds himself staying more for the warrior and the woman than for the forgiveness.

I loved finding out more of Megan's pre-Valkyrie life and the total lack of regard that the government had on small children. I did feel the blood pressure rise at certain parts!