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You will be also learning Japanese calligraphy and pronunciation using the hiragana, katakana and kanji alphabet systems. What will I learn in this level? You can read the learning outcomes for each level here.

Personalised Learning Journey Are you looking for a more personalised learning journey? Do you feel like group lessons are great, but you might also need some extra support? Is grammatical terminology a mystery? Do you struggle with which study techniques work best for you? At Live Language, we have developed new, personalised learning packages to ensure you get the most from a course with us.

Who are the Japanese teachers? Our experienced teachers are Japanese native speakers and use a communicative approach, which gives you the maximum amount of time to practise Japanese in a friendly environment. Please note that even though we aim to have communicative Japanese classes, our teachers are also fluent in English, so if you have any questions or doubts, our Japanese teachers can always explain it in English. What if I miss a class?

Don't worry if you miss a class or two. Maximum 4X 30 min lessons can be booked per term per student.

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What is the minimum and maximum class number? Our school wants to ensure you are in a personalised class and have enough time to practise your language skills in it. The minimum number of students for a foreign language class is 5 and the maximum number is usually If your class does not have the minimum number of students, you will be contacted to offer the following options for you to continue learning, however, some classes may be subject to cancellation.

Japanese Private and Semi-Private Classes If you have a more specific goal, a different schedule for your course or would like to learn Japanese more intensively, you can join our private and semi-private classes.

You can find more information about Private and Semi-Private classes here. If you are not sure of your level, you can try to go through our Level test. Please note, the school requires minimum 5 students to start a class, so some courses or classes may be subject to cancellation.

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If a group does not have 5 students for the entire term, then students will be given the following options to enable them to continue studying. Apply filtering tools and basic "operators" to narrow search results. Explore filters and additional operators to find new ways to narrow their results. Compare results for basic searches with ones that use operators to discover the impact the right operator has at the right time. Draw stronger terms from preliminary search results, identify evidence, and explore using various media to locate specific types of evidence.

Investigate different page formats blogs, news articles, wikis, etc , and how to identify the right format for the type of information students are seeking. Examine Google Scholar, and learn how to find specific collections of information that will contain the best evidence for students' research task. Consider, tone, style, audience, and purpose to determine the credibility of a source.

Track information to a reasonable source and recognize and consider the impact of bias in assessing the credibility of information. One of the most famous photos of the 20th century was taken at a memorial service for victims of La Coubre. View challenge.

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If you came home from a trip with South African rand, Kuwaiti dinars and Japanese yen, how much would you have in U. My route is marked by the shells of scallops, a journey that thousands take each year to a cathedral in my honor, deep in the heart of Galicia. Who am I? A branch of the U. Approximately how many people are trained there each year? The three-lobed leaves of a tall tree are powdered and used in a traditional New Orleans dish, and the bark is the traditional flavoring for a soft drink. What drink is it? In Russian churches the number of domes usually matches the number of altars.

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But this church has only one altar dome, and 21 symbolic ones. What normal construction material does this church lack? Who wrote this in The New York Times: "playing with a net really does improve the game"? The column style used for this Greek temple completed in BCE was borrowed from which ancient civilization?

Every national flag in the world shares a common geometric characteristic, except for one country. Which country is it? If you consecutively slept one night in each room excluding bathrooms of the Palace of the Light of Faith, how many years would it take you to sleep in them all? If a man has two swallows tattooed on his chest, how many inches has he sailed?

A Viking was the first to photograph us, but our existence was foretold in literature by a Swift astronomer. Who are we?

I am the son of a glove maker. In one of my works, five people die by suicide and in another, the title character and 13 others are killed. How is that possible? How long is the river bordering the two countries that once were home to the Hamangia? If you were a ferry passenger traveling from Continental Europe to the country with twice as many sheep as people, in what town would you most likely dock?

You live next to the Cam. There are approximately , others just like you. What do other members of your nationality call your people? If they arrived at a.

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What acoustic instrument was invented on this island country near the coast of South America? What would you be trying to see? What colors are the flags in Lupa on July 2 and August 16? What does she supposedly have tucked under her arm? The Father of Modern Russia taxed wearers of these in Only Orthodox clergy were exempt from paying to keep their what? The oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence criticized the national emblem and suggested what as an alternative?

The first president to be born as an American citizen learned English as a second language. What was his first?

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During his circumnavigation of the globe in , this expedition leader spent more money on this liquid than on weapons. What is it? In one of my most famous works, five people die by suicide and in another the title character and 13 others are killed. I am the son of a glovemaker. In April , I shot and killed a man.

Eight months earlier, that man shot and killed a man who 17 years prior was famously reported to have killed 42 men.