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Exhibition catalogue. London: British Museum, Boorsch, Suzanne, and Nadine M.

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See on MetPublications. Eichberger, Dagmar, and Charles Zika, eds. New York: Cambridge University Press, Panofsky, Erwin.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each course lasts one week and is divided into 3 2-hour sessions or 2 3-hour sessions.

Leonardo da Vinci 500 Year Tribute Tour

Classes are held in the afternoon among the most beautiful locations in Rome i. Students, led by specialized teachers, will learn how to use special techniques of artistic production and create their own pieces. The courses that the school offers are: a Design drawing and painting; b Decoration; c Drawing Rome. Design: drawing and painting : materials and painting technique; chiaroscuro the effects of light and shade ; still life.

Drawing Rome: a traveling class in which, everyday, the teacher and students choose a different place to stop and draw. This course aims to provide an opportunity to experience art actively and in full. The art lessons are designed in such a way that they enable participants to acquire particular techniques and be able to create their own work.

This course is designed for those who love to paint and draw - for those who wish to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced hands.

John Ruskin

This course is suitable also for those who do not have any previous experience and are willing to try something new in a unique place. Travel to and tour the Santa Margherita neighborhood of Venice. Today's Highlights: Arrive in true Venetian style at St. Skip the line and gawk at the golden ceiling of St. Stand in the footprints of history on the Rialto Bridge, the oldest spanning the Grand Canal. Watch a local artist in action during a glass blowing demonstration.

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Today's Highlights: Travel by bus from Venice to Salzburg, gaining altitude and a newfound appreciation of the towering Alps as you go. Take a deep breath of fresh mountain air while you explore the scenic town of Innsbruck with your Tour Director.

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Arrive in Salzburg and enjoy a free evening to explore the city on your own. Stand before Sphaera , a prominent piece of art featuring a large golden sphere with a man perched on top.

Browse Alter Markt, the oldest weekly market in the city known for its selection of dairy, cabbages, and herbs. Day 6: Travel to Munich Make your way to a major center of German art, music, and innovation.

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Today's Highlights: Climb aboard the private bus for a scenic ride across the European countryside. Check another country off your list as you arrive Switzerland. Today's Highlights: Get introduced to the city with a guided tour from your Tour Director. Trip up the Swiss Alps extra cost Take an amazing trip to the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, the majestic mountains dominating the Lucerne skyline.

Note: Depending on your desired gateways, additional fees may apply. See full itinerary. Thu Jan 9. Sat Jan Thu Mar 5. Sat Mar Mon Mar Tue Mar Thu Apr 2. Tue Apr 7. Thu Apr Thu Apr 9. Sat Apr Tue Apr Sun Apr Tue May 5.

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Thu May Sun May Tue May Sat May Mon May Fri May Sun Jun 7. Sat Jun 6. Mon Jun Thu Jun Sat Jun