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Use packing organizers. Do you want to know the ultimate tool to travel in a carryon? They changed everything for me and thousands of other travelers. Trust me, they are a must!

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Use tried and tested packing strategies. If I can pack like an ultra-minimalist with style of course then you can pack more comfortably in a regular carry-on. Watch these packing videos to learn more:. The biggest mistake travelers make with toiletries is not considering how much product they actually use.

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There are five key steps when it comes to downsizing your toiletries properly for a trip:. It includes a free printable checklist! The safest place for your passport is locked in your accommodation. One of our biggest travel tips for any destination is to buy either a print or digital guidebook. They help you plan your itinerary, give you insight on where to stay, and even give you facts about the historical sites, too. Tip: Hotels.

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Although I prefer Travelocity because they have a 24 hour money back guarantee. Always read the reviews before booking to get the best idea if the hostel is right for you. Some are quiet and family friendly while others are known for their party atmosphere.

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Not sure about staying at a hostel? Read this. One of my favorite type of tours to do when I travel are food tours.

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I also got to skip the massive lines and enter the Vatican one hour before the public! All you have to do is tip your guide.

Stick to the basics. However, this is completely optional, and wine should be avoided by anyone with alcoholism or problems controlling their consumption. Coffee and tea are also completely acceptable, but you should avoid sugar-sweetened beverages and fruit juices, which are very high in sugar. There is usually no need to count calories or track macronutrients protein , fat and carbs on the Mediterranean diet.

For more ideas, check out this list of 21 healthy Mediterranean recipes. You don't need to eat more than 3 meals per day.

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  • If you want more general advice on how to eat healthy at restaurants, check out this article. It is always a good idea to shop at the perimeter of the store. That's usually where the whole foods are. Always try to choose the least-processed option. Organic is best, but only if you can easily afford it. Though there is not one defined Mediterranean diet, this way of eating is generally rich in healthy plant foods and relatively lower in animal foods, with a focus on fish and seafood.

    You can find a whole world of information about the Mediterranean diet on the internet, and many great books have been written about it. At the end of the day, the Mediterranean diet is incredibly healthy and satisfying. You won't be disappointed. This is a review of 5 human studies that have been done on the Mediterranean diet, looking at weight loss, various diseases and the risk of death.

    Researchers put volunteers with both higher and lower incomes on a Mediterranean diet, but only the participants with higher incomes showed health…. This is a detailed review of the Nordic diet.

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    Foods to eat, foods to avoid, health benefits and a review of the research behind the diet. This article takes a detailed look at red wine and its health effects. Moderate amounts are very healthy, but too much can have devastating effects. Here is a list of 50 healthy foods, most of which are surprisingly tasty.

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    All the major food groups are included. If you want to lose weight, feel great and improve your health in many ways, these are the 9 healthiest foods you should eat every day. There is a lot of confusion out there about which foods are healthy, and which are not. Here is a list of 20 foods that are generally very unhealthy.