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Went to London, bought Rolls-Royce. Ringo Starr came for dinner. I was always on tour or making a new album. Of course, when I did go off the rails, that happened like a missile as well. No one forced me to do drugs and drink. In fact, more than a few people tried to warn me I was out of control.

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It took a fairly Herculean effort to get yourself noticed for taking too much cocaine in the music industry of s LA, but I was clearly prepared to put the hours in. I gave my diaries to Taron to read when he took on the lead role in the film. He came to my house, we had a takeaway curry and chatted, and I let him see them. I know, because I struggled with it myself.

Demonstrating my legendary composure and breezy good humour in the face of a crisis, I ended up threatening to strangle my producer Gus Dudgeon with my bare hands, then announced that the song was so terrible that I was never going to release it, and instead was going to give it to Engelbert Humperdinck. Taron, on the other hand, just sang it: no threats of murder, no mention of dear old Engelbert.

His singing really astounded me. Welcome to my world, baby — at least yours will grow back.

Jamie and Taron have even managed to capture my relationship with Bernie, which is frankly a miracle, because I really have no idea how that works. We were thrown together at random. I had failed an audition for Liberty Records in , and a guy from the label gave me an envelope with his lyrics in it as an afterthought, like a consolation prize.

He comes from the wilds of Lincolnshire, I come from the suburbs of London. Neither of us can write if the other is in the room. It happened just the same way in real life. Bernie was one of the people who tried to tell me to stop doing drugs.

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He was apprehensive about the film. Then he saw it and completely got it. He understood the point of it, which was to make something that was like my life: chaotic, funny, mad, horrible, brilliant and dark. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. I felt I had to complain and take a stand against this kind of behaviour, which he clearly feels is acceptable in private. Last night, both Gok Wan and the Maverick production company were unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, Daisy remains furious at her experience. She says: "I was shocked to find that someone so unprofessional, abusive and cruel could be branded as a guru for women in their struggle to accept and love their bodies. Quite the opposite.

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Get the Right Light. We tapped Cosmo photographers to share their best tips about lighting that makes you look model-worthy. Set the mood like this: -The dim light from candles softens your features and flickering flames add a sense of mystery. It creates a stunning silhouette of your naked bod.

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Try This Weird Secret Trick! So, this is gonna sound wacky, but we swear it works. When you're in the bathroom getting ready, say to yourself, "peas and carrots.

click here Something about the way your lips move when forming those words feels so pouty and sensual. Take a Stand. This accentuates the curves of your breasts, butt, and thighs. And cop an asymmetric posefor example, bend one knee, or put a hand on your waist and cock your hip out.