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For them, fitness and exercise are believed to help slow any decline, keeping brain tissue and function relatively youthful.


They began by turning to a hefty trove of data gathered as part of the Human Connectome Project, an international collaborative effort that aims to help map much of the human brain and tease out how it works. As part of that project, more than 1, young men and women in the United States recently agreed to have their brains scanned with a specialized type of M. White matter consists of the many connections between neurons and brain regions.

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The volunteers, who mostly were in their 20s, also completed multiple questionnaires about their health and lives, a general medical checkup, and a two-minute walk test, a widely used measurement of aerobic fitness that involves walking as rapidly as possible for two minutes, to see how far you get. Finally, they sat through a battery of cognitive tests, designed to quantify how well they could reason and remember in various ways.

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And they found a variety of interesting correlations. The young people, all of whom were healthy, had covered a wide range of distances in their two-minute walks.

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Some of those young men and women covered far less distance than others, marking them as the least physically fit. These relatively out-of-shape young people generally performed worst on the tests of memory and thinking skills, the scientists found.


Their brain scans also indicated that their white matter was slightly weaker and more frayed than in the brains of the young men and women who had walked farthest in those two minutes. In essence, the fitter people in this group were, the more robust their white matter looked, and the better they performed on tests of memory and thinking skills. On all of her upcycles, she uses bright acrylic paint, fabric paint and marker to capture her imagination. Who said pumpkins have to be orange? With some paint, a dash of creativity and lots of fun, here are four ways to give a trio pumpkins style and sizzle!


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