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Tiny quick read with a punchy point: Anything worth doing has a painfully-hard middle period, which is where most people quit. But knowing this in advance, ask yourself seriously if you really have the dedication to stick it through that hard time. Quit in advance! Read the whole book if this applies to you. Why did the people of certain continents succeeded in invading other continents and conquering or displacing their people? Fascinating world history.

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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. See the notes. Short, inspiring insights into creativity and the creative life: the day job, the mindset, etc. Thought I was getting a book about math, but ended up being a surprisingly good book about learning in general.

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Main points are about diffused thinking vs focused thinking. Inspiring study of how successful people took smart shortcuts and bypassed the long-slogging dues-paying process. Great insights on momentum. Great little manifesto about habits. Very well thought-through practical applications, tips, and philosophies on creating and sustaining the habits you want.

A succinct adrenaline-generating call to clear thinking and rational action.

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Many historical examples. Incredibly inspiring. Surprisingly deep and philosophical.

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The first book I've read in years that makes me want to read it twice. The title and cover make it seem like light pop, but it's a wonderfully-cynical British journalist diving into Stoicism, meditation, death, etc. Interesting and insightful dive into the subject of how to make big decisions. Specific useful advice. Short and brilliant book with tips on being a better thinker.

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Being persistent, thorough, rooted in fundamentals, creative, and a more active learner. Surprisingly inspiring.

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VERY interesting. Seth is moving from talking about business to talking about being an artist in the broad sense of anyone who creates and ships! I loved the distiction between the industrialist and the artist, as it helped me give a term for something I'd experienced: not being able to relate at all to those who just want to grow business for business' sake, whereas I always saw my business like a creative art project.

Shockingly smart thoughts about your career. A must-read for anyone who is not loving their work, wanting to quit their job, and follow their passion, or not sure what to do next. I'm recommending this many times a week to people who email me with these kinds of questions. Best book I've ever read on the subject. A description of the path to mastery in any field: to enjoy regular practice for its own sake, to push your capabilities but to accept the plateau, to surrender to the path and exercises your teacher gives you.

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Stay focused, not distracted like the dabbler, impatient like the obsessive, or complacent like the hacker. First he wrote The Talent Code, which I also highly recommend, then he distilled all that research about deliberate practice into 52 actionable tips. Amazing and inspiring, you can read the whole thing in 90 minutes, then get to work! He's found great examples of people and companies doing really innovative things, but most of all it's a mindset.

You have a finite amount of willpower that becomes depleted as you use it. Most major problems, personal and social, center on failure of self-control. When people were asked about their failings, a lack of self-control was at the top of the list. So let's talk about self-control The authors worked with the best athletes and executives for years, and found that the best ones knew how to push themselves, then recuperate, push, recuperate.

Take this same approach to your emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual life, and it's a powerful metaphor. Think of sprints, not marathons. Be fully in whatever you're in, then give time to recuperate. But push futher each time, past your comfort zone, like a good exercise plan. For those fascinated with memory.

Riveting page-turner about a journalist with no particularly good memory who went to cover a memory championship event. Intrigued and befriending some competitors, he starts practicing, and a year later wins the U. Inspiring dive into the subject of memorization. Great simple philosophy: Life itself is one long practice session. Everything in life worth achieving requires practice. Practice is not just for artistic or athletic skill, but practicing patience, practicing communication, practicing anything you do in life.

The fixed mindset is very harmful in every area of life work, art, relationships, business, etc. We get our initial mindset from our environment. Essential for all managers. Deep surprising study of motivation at work. Extrinsic vs intrinsic. Work vs play.

When money is used as an external reward for some activity, the subjects lose intrinsic interest for the activity. Great thoughts about writing mostly books from one of the most successful writers ever. Oddly doubles as an autobiography, telling many stories about his life from childhood.

So beautifully written with astounding insights into culture and happiness. Been thinking about it for weeks afterwards. Absolutely my favorite author and advisor on the subject of investing. Anyone with any money to invest or already invested please read this book. Such clear thinking, using only facts, and using numbers not guesses. Modern portfolio theory: use passive indexes of the entire market, no speculation, no stock picking, and avoid the entire fee-sucking financial industry.

Brilliant book with one clear message: our emotional brain is faster and usually smarter than our logical brain. Our emotions are trained by years of logic and experience, retaining it all for real wisdom. Many decisions are better made by going with the gut feeling.

A great book showing that deep practice - struggling in certain targeted ways - operating at the edges of your ability, where you make mistakes - experiences where you're forced to slow down, make errors, and correct them - is what really makes you improve at anything. Brilliant succinct wisdom on creativity from an artist. Seth Godin says, "Hugh harangues and encourages and pushes and won't sit still until you, like him, are unwilling to settle.

Even those that prefer not to read much. Wonderful considerate book about conversational people skills. Gives specific instructions that are really useful for people who are not naturals. Just do what this book says, and people will warm up to you. New scientific insights into why our brains work this way, and how to use what we now know to learn or work better.

One of my favorite authors, and a massive inspiration for my e-book. Required reading for business-owners and investors. A collection of his short insightful posts from his blog, all thought-provoking and inspiring for anybody marketing anything, even music.