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As I watched this film I thought: 'That's for me. Andy Warhol USA There wil l be two screenings , at 7 : 30pm and 9: 30pm. SFAI is wheelchair accessible.

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The majority of them had been unavailable for public exhibition for over twenty years until the Museum Of Modern Art started to restore them in Warhol's notorious Bike Boy is amongst the latest batch of restored titles. In part two, Julien investigates the rise of social realism, and the achievements of Channel Four in the '80s and '90s Hanif Kureishi describes the development of My Beautiful Laundrette. Black And White In Color dir. It's only natural that he would write a song about three drag queens.

Boy Next Door covers nine years, from Culture Club's sudden success through to George's rebirth as a s. Looking back on it all, a candid George concludes, "Being gay is my only saving grace. Walk On The Wild Side dir. James Marsh GB 40 mins. A Profile Of Boy George dir. Mark Kidel GB 50 mins.

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Matt Ebert U SA 12 m i n s. Jorg Fockele Germany 3 min 35mm i n German with English su btitles Total r u n n i ng time: 92 m i n s. Th i s deeply moving fil m documents the struggle and. As her moth e r 's cond i ti on worsens, she becomes more accepting of her daugh te r 's lesbianism. The performers bring the fi l m to l i fe.

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Cap Tourmente d i r. And, whether you're at a San Franciscofilmfestival or Stonewall 25, you 'll never have to dial an access code.

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To order the Pacific Bell Calling Card dial ext. But sorting is no easy task. Fans of classy drama will find many other pleasures too. According to Afri can tales, the trickster is there to befuddle you. African-American artist Thomas Allen Harris uses the metaphor of the trickstef, in his beautifully rendered. Harris describes a transformative j ourney, recounting his yearning for acceptance and the choices made to construct himself out of blackness.

The descriptions are broadcast into. Paul ' Lee Canada 6 mins Complicated Flesh d i rs.

Plus The Kiss, a sweet San Francisco story of chance and romance. The Kiss d i r. M ichael Jortner U SA. Wolfgang Petersen Germany m i n s. Their homosexual i ty exists entirely at the visual level; for example, you can tell Phi l i p is gay because he wears eye-liner and sharp clothes. Both fi lms construct the i r stories around brief moments of homoerotic bliss.

By any standard, Pavlov 's romance i s an absorbing, unique story; as a gay fi l m from Eastern Europe, i t 's a true breakthrough. Plus, 94 Arcana Drive, a punchy short about another kind of marital problem. Then Connect Live with those who share your mood and desire for real action! Personal Connections does not pre-screen callers and we assume no liability when meeting someone through our service.

Night Drive -- LGBT Short Film by Keara Graves

Adults only - you must be 1 8 years or over. Salome M i l s tead 's hyp notic. New Zealand 4 mins Secrets d i rs.

So Natural, so Right: A Lesbian's First Time

Total ru nn ing time: 86 m i ns. Looking For Langston di r.

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  • Isaac J u l ien GB 48 mins. Please see page 61 for details. Doug Mobley U SA 50 mins video.

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    Magic Cottage dir. Joe Orr G B 30 mins video sex eMs boy dir. Jeff Cole G B 8 mins video Reference d i r. Cesary Prokpiuk Australia 3 mi ns video See Saw dir. Hans Scheugl Austria 8 mins 16mm Public Opinion' dir. Ted Dvoracek U SA 24 mins 16mm. Total running time: 90 mins. Mark C.

    PDF Flames #11: Erotic Tales of Lesbian Passion

    O'Faherty G B 23 mins Assassination d i r. Gregory Gil lbergh USA 28 mins. All works 16mm. Total running time: 93 mins.

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    • Total program running time: 90 mins. Then fasten your seatbelts and take off for a journey through queer cyberspace, complete with the world premieres of local. You r com m u n ity pharmacies i n th e Castro and at Mt. Zion offe r free d e l ivery th rough o ut San Franci sco. Special izi ng in med ications to treat H IV- related co n d itions. Our pati ent advocate p rovi d es i nfo rmati on on n utriti on and a lte rnative therap i es, as we l l as h e l ps you l ocate fi nancial, emotional and m ed i ca l servi ces.

      Warning: Fabian's Freeak Show contains campy yet rather graphic violence and even a little taste of the sexually explicit. Museo Contempo in assoc. Idexa Germany 15 mins Lifesaver d i r. David E. Topiary U SA 3 mins All works are video. Total runni ng time: 90 mins. Note: Because of the low adm ission price , there are no advance tickets for this show. Tickets wi l l be avai lable at the Roxie Cinema on ly, from 4 : 45pm on the day of screen i ng.

      Then, a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Bordowitz's grandparents were killed im an automobile accident. Anything but solemn, this imaginative, activist autobiography is a kaleidoscopic blast of visu-. Everything is questioned Ultimately he has given us a courageous work of art. Tom's Flesh d i rs. USA 15 mins Ostranenie d i r. Christien G. Total running tim e : 83 mins Please note that for the screening at the Pacific Fi l m Archive, Tom ' s Flesh will not be shown.

      Lastly, in Sande Zeig's evocative Central Park, two women enjoy a dreamlike encounter in a rowboat. Cruel dir. Sande Zeig. Take Me Back To Cairo d i r. Katherine Fry New Zea land 8 mins. All works are 16mm. The Clearing dir. Alexis Bistecis GB. Derek Jarman GB 15 mins 35mm Glitterbug dir. Derek Jarman GB 52 mins 35mm.