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This translation will dramatically slow down the user experience and the overall performance of VMs. The remaining two layers — KVM and hardware-assisted virtualization — remain the same providing the acceleration. Firecracker runs in the userspace while talking to KVM embedded in the kernel.

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If what you just read sounds fascinating, you should explore the themes of Intel Ring architecture, the evolution of Xen hypervisor, the differences between type-1 and type-2 hypervisors, paravirtualization vs hardware-assisted virtualization, the motivation behind building KVM along with the factors that led to enabling hardware-assisted virtualization by Intel and AMD.

But when you understand the evolution thoroughly, it will make you appreciate the efforts put by the Firecracker team.

According to the official FAQ, Firecracker is a cloud-native alternative to QEMU that is purpose-built for running containers safely and efficiently, and nothing more. It provides a minimal required device model to the guest operating system while excluding non-essential functionality there are only 4 emulated devices: virtio-net, virtio-block, serial console, and a one-button keyboard controller used only to stop the microVM.

The microVMs launched by Firecracker are extremely transient and short-lived. Apart from the serial console, these microVMs may be connected to a virtual NIC, a block device and a one-button keyboard. This minimalistic design of the VMM makes Firecracker extremely fast. According to the official claims, Firecracker initiates user space or application code in less than ms and supports microVM creation rates of microVMs per second per host.

The VMs also support EC2-like metadata at well-known endpoints that can be used for service discovery and storing arbitrary data as key-value pairs. AWS has included a Jailer that secures microVMs by providing additional security boundaries through cgroup, namespace, and seccomp isolation.

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Hobbyist devices like Raspberry Pi and industrial-grade devices running ARM Cortex processors will be running microVMs containing code to acquire data from the sensors or to control actuators. That will fundamentally change the way the Internet of Things and Edge Computing is handled today.

In the next installment, I will walk you the steps to set up and configure Firecracker along with an overview of the roadmap.

Feature image via Pixabay. Containers vs. Behind the Scenes of Firecracker Firecracker takes a radically different approach to isolation. Updated on 8th December with inputs from subject matter experts.

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GitHub - firecracker-microvm/firecracker: Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.

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