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What a lovely story. When my first book was accepted way back in the 70's all I got was a formal letter.

Do Not Disturb

This is so much nicer. I feel your emotion. Hi Kate and Carol.

The Crown Affair Mills & Boon Modern Heat Mills & Boon RIVA

So pleased you enjoyed it and thanks for coming over to comment, I'm totally blown away to be in such esteemed company! One of the best call stories ever, Christy. Congrats again! No doubt your site is amazing and I really like it. Nice writing, you are doing great effort, your way of writing is unique. Love this site. Fantastic call story, Christy! It gave me goosebumps, I'm so happy for you.

Really well done! Margaret, I'm honoured that you read and enjoyed my call story, I've been a huge fan of yours for years!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment x Christy x. Fantastic call story, Christy and wonderful photos too :. How lovely to get such amazing news whilst you were on holiday as well--cue lots of celebrating methinks. Big big big congrats I so very much love what you've written so far! You're heading places :. Sebelum dan sesudahnya saya ucapkan terima kasih untuk penulis blog ini karena telah membuka komentar publik untuk semua orang dan untuk berbagi pengalaman dengan setiap pengunjung blog ini Post a Comment.

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Christy McKellen to my blog. Christy recently sold to Harlequin Kiss Congrats Christy, now over to you The Naked Call. I feel so sorry for those poor editors now, wading through my purple prose, weak characterisation and complete lack of conflict.

I kept writing.


I kept reading. I read everything I could get my hands on about the publishing industry as well as the craft of writing. About a year ago, I had a break-through. I began to build my web presence: Twitter, Facebook, blog and immersed myself in the heady world of marketing. Exciting times. It was brilliant! Gold dust. The challenge was on. As you know, this fabulously talented lady has now been published for ten years — ten years, man!

If it did, she might pick it to be one of two lucky winners who would have the first three chapters of their manuscript read and critiqued in one week. I know, more gold dust, right. I nearly passed out with excitement.

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So I polished the manuscript up, sent it to my wonderful critique partners, polished it some more after their feedback, then pressed send. Five weeks later, my husband and I were in the South of France celebrating his birthday. My kind parents were looking after the children for the week so we could have some much needed hubs and wife time so I was in total holiday mode. I woke up on the morning of Friday 5 th July, logged on to the very dodgy Internet connection in our hotel and waited for my mail to download onto my phone. I had one email. I opened it with shaking fingers. Checking the time of the mail, I noticed it had been sent some time the previous day, so I sent one back saying sorry for not replying sooner I know, twelve hours is not a long time to wait for a reply, but I was excited, okay!

I'm sorry but this was too much same old, same old. Actual rating 3. I devoured this book! So oir story is about 2 people namely Charlie and Luca. I loved it because of the deep feelings that are expressed and the inner conflict of the characters Maybe I just loved it so much because it's such a different genre from what I usually read but may that be the case or not I will definit Actual rating 3. Maybe I just loved it so much because it's such a different genre from what I usually read but may that be the case or not I will definitely be buying myself some more Nicola Marsh books and hopefully soon!

This book just swallowed me whole! Really appreciated it. The fact he recognised the artistic brilliance of her favourite shoe designer or the way his gaze slowly travelled upwards the entire length of her leg, lingering along the way. And he'd do whatever it took to keep it that way. He wanted her to be deeper than all this fluff, wanted her to care about more than whether Storm bloody Varth had his sparkling water on hand. There would be a next time.

And it would blow both their minds. And the repetition. Tedious, tedious repetition. So I think it's a problem of incompatibility of style between me and Ms Marsh, and I won't bother to finish this book. Sitting on the bed like a chesire cat: giggling at Luca and Charli's flirtaseous antics and also sadened by there tortured souls. Nicola created a wonderful romance, filled with tantalizing romance, heart felt moments,and My first book by Nicola Marsh and she had me giggling by page I like the idea of the bosses right hand woman and his bad boy grandson hitting the scene and making sparks.

Luca was a hottie with a capital "H".

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But that wasn't all that he was How was Charli ever going to resist that. Kernick, Simon. Lackberg, Camilla. Lake, Deryn. Lehane, Dennis. Leon, Donna. Lewis, Robert. Mankell, Henning. Gang war. Death toll.

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The payback. The stonecutter. Death and the black pyramid. Moonlight mile. A question of belief. Bank of the black sheep. The man from Beijing. May, Peter. The black house. The blackhouse. McCarthy, Keith. Corpus delicti.