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Tags: brain. Throughout history an estimated million people were enslaved. For more than years, Arab traders transported small groups of African slaves; […]. Tags: people.

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Most people speak at a rate of words per minute, or two words a second. The excitables among us, however, manage […]. Tags: words.

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London became […]. Tags: city , olympics.

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For her 80th birthday in , Queen Mary requested a radio play be written for her by Agatha Christie. The play — […].

Tags: theater. With this acquisition, Unifiedpost Group reconfirms its growth strategy through acquisitions and becomes a leading player on the European e-invoicing market. Leleu Document Services has been one of the invoice printing and mailing partner of Unifiedpost Group for the last fifteen years. With this acquisition, Unifiedpost Group extends its controle over part of its document printing and postal distribution facilities.

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Clearly the group relies on many more such partners across the globe to fulfil its customers printing and mailing requirements, and this approach will not change. Antwerp-based Inventive Designers, which was founded in and is 60 staff strong, helps businesses better communicate with their clients and stakeholders by providing advanced software technology and related consultative services. With the acquisition, Unifiedpost Group grows its document generation and distribution capabilities, in addition to its European client base and partner network.

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