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The Saints won in front of a stadium full of fans. Krieger scored all three goals. His photo was splashed upon the front page of the Edmonton Journal. Many thought Krieger could have become a professional athlete, but he graduated from high school straight into the Summer of Love in Krieger and his long-haired buddies climbed into a Volkswagen van and headed for the West Coast.

They eventually arrived into the hippie mecca of West 4th Avenue in Vancouver, one of the largest counterculture happenings in the world. From there, Krieger travelled south to San Francisco, where he revelled in music, drugs, and revolution. The huge hippie with the thick German accent and even thicker moustache sampled just about every narcotic that was offered him. His freewheeling ways in the late s would eventually come back to haunt Krieger. Krieger also took part in anti-war rallies in Golden Gate Park and the U. Berkeley campus in nearby Berkeley, Calif.

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Through a haze of pot smoke and salt air, Krieger had fallen in love with the West Coast. He hatched two dreams for his future: The first was to one day build himself an oceanfront cabin in the wilderness, and the second was to some day sail around the world. In the early s, Krieger returned to Vancouver, securing a job on the North Vancouver docks, which turned into a nearyear career as an electrician and an inspector for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

The larger-than-life Bernard Krieger and his thick black moustache went on to become an infamous character in Desolation Sound through many death-defying adventures. I was fascinated by the blue-collar giant and soon realized that his bark was worse than his bite. He and his faithful German Shorthaired Pointer, Dude, swam great distances together in the ocean. In the mids, Bernard Krieger fell uncharacteristically ill.

He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, which had been lingering in his body since his days of sharing drugs in the late s. He fought the disease with the strongest treatments allowed, which conquered the virus, but at a terrible cost that was still to come. While still suffering from the after-effects of Hepatitis C, which often negatively affected his mood and behaviour, Krieger managed to sail from Florida to Central America with help from friends and family.

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But fate dealt Krieger a winning hand when he met Darragh McCarthy, a dreadlocked young Irishman vagabond who was a skipper-for-hire. McCarthy fixed the motor and together they made the passage through the Panama Canal, bound for the open Pacific Ocean and adventures beyond. She asked that her name not be included in this story.

By the time Krieger and McCarthy reached Ecuador in South America, Krieger had fallen ill again: fever, chills, and this time, three large lumps in his neck. Leaving the Irishman with the boat, Krieger flew back to Canada where he was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, a known risk from the aggressive treatments he chose years earlier to rid his body of Hepatitis C.

Freewheeling days

Over the next few years, between cancer treatments in Canada, Krieger would embark undaunted with McCarthy on many farflung sailing adventures. Krieger would often show up for the voyages straight from treatment and still clearly suffering. The storm lasted three pounding days, but they survived. All but one of their sails were destroyed in the storm. They later found out they had survived Cyclone Tomas, a severe Category-4 tropical storm that caused millions of dollars of damage on Fiji. In the fall of , Krieger was declared cancer-free.

The big German felt like he had a new lease on life. In a matter of years, he had beaten Hepatitis C, cancer, and Cyclone Thomas. He loved life on Fiji and decided to plant roots. At age 64, Bernard shocked his family back home in Canada when he married a Fijian woman, Miliana Waqatabu.

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At age 65, Krieger shocked himself when he found out he was going to become a father for the third time. Krieger and his wife bought land in the Fijian seaside town of Savusavu, famous for its tidal hot springs.

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They made plans to build a home. But I wish he would have called home a lot more often. McCarthy, meanwhile, departed.

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When he saw Krieger settling down, he hopped on another boat and continued sailing. The two never saw each other again. Life on Fiji was wonderful for Krieger, until one final, confusing night when fate dealt Krieger a losing hand. In the early hours of April 12, , after a night on the town, Bernard Krieger was chatting with several Fijians at the top of a grassy shoreline embankment. In the inky darkness of the tropical night, somehow Krieger misjudged where the edge of the embankment was.

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Northgand is comprised of the largest, northernmost continent, which is a notoriously cold region as a result of the world's global cooling. Hellawes is the primary settlement of Northgand, where the praetor-rank exorcist Teresa Linares governs. Southgand is the small, horizontal continent to the south, abundant in beaches, coral reefs, and tropicalities. Eastgand is the medium-sized continent situated east of Midgand, whereas Westgand is a large continent to the west of Midgand and south of Northgand, disconnected from both by relatively small water canals.

Islegand is a collection of islands in the southwestern region of the world map, and Endgand is a small, unpopulated continent situated far to the east and slightly north. The prison island of Titania is located directly west of Westgand. Several other regions are mentioned through the game's expedition feature, though these areas are unexplorable and serve merely as references to other games in the Tales series.