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It was great to stumble across this photo. I worked there as a DJ in the sixties at the height of its popularity as a Soul music and Mod venue. I was privileged to work alongside many great Soul Artists.

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I was on stage playing all the old favourites on the night it closed. The number of people they had let in was frightening!!.

For years I was saddled with the name Pete Tamla Brent which the management at the time used in its advertising. I would dearly love to hear from anyone who attended this wonderful old venue or other old mod haunts in the sixties. I am currently collecting material for my autobiography so any of your memories would be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged. If you visit GenoWashington. What great times they were. Wish we could go back in time, the 's were the best Era ever!

I remember going on a saturday morning it think it was called the spinning disc there was a parrot then. I was too young to drink so it was crusched ice with juice. I once won a Singing contest there first prize five pounds all i did was sing one of the songs that ROSS sang i new the band would know it of by heart, the drinks in the King Edward for all my pals were on me that night. Raymond Jones FEB This brings back memories of the 60's. Though underage, these were easy to obtain, and we even passed the slim membership card through the gap in the fire exit doors so our mates could get in as well.

No one checked the photos!! I seem to remember there were cages on the stage with girls dancing The Sunday Dancers Club was also well attended. I even used to go here on my lunchbreak with my work mates. Whatever happened to Linda Darlington??? Many people used to get up and sing in those days, for myself I was suitably employed as a singer on the clubs in those days, but I do remember a guy called Gary Dent who regulary got up and sang at the Mecca, he later became the Landlord at The Bridge Inn Kirkstall, and later a a pub at Killinghall between Harrogate and Ripon.

I too remember going to the 'Mecca' on a lunchtime while at Kitson college of Engineering in the mid 60s.

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Usually had a "Chip Butty" for lunch and leaned on the balcony to watch the girls. He could play it backwards too. Also remember Pete Brent as a promoter, even went out at night with him pasting posters on walls, and handing out leaflets to advertise some future event. I used 2 go here on Sat morning loved it Jimmy Saville, Absolutley great times, the music everthing about it.

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I used to be a dancer in the cage at the 'New Mecca' in the Merrion Centre. My cage was on the left when facing the stage. We wore black trouser suits with tassels. My best friend who I still know and love was in the right hand cage. We also did set pieces on the stage and it was my friend who made them up. We used to practice in her kitchen. We also used to do backing singing for the Band who had two singers, a male and a female. The female singer went on to perform in the group Brotherhood of Man who sang 'save your kisses for me' in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Does anyone remember us dancing in these cages or on stage. You are so right Peter when I wrote that comment I was racking my brain to come up with the name but as you say it was Joe Loss.

Bob the Balloon, Al Capone and The Two Bob Bouncer.

I stand corrected. Raymond Jones March Yes i remember the dancers in the cage lynn, a girl in my class Barbara used to do dancing there as far as I can remember. I met my wife on a Wednesday at the Mecca in , I had been going as a 15 year old since when they started the dinner time sessions,price thrupence,pm, all proceeds were for the Hungarian refugees due to the Russian invasion of there country.

I stopped going about , as a 15year old and an apprentice at R W Crabtrees, Water Lane, I would change in the toilets then run all the way up to the Mecca, meet with my mates for 20 mins then run all the way back to work to clock in before 1. Does anyone remember "George " who Jimmy Saville took under his wing for a couple of years, in while on my rounds working for BT I came across George who was then working as a window cleaner.

I used to go to the old Mecca in the early sixties to see groups like the Dawnbreakers, The Grumbleweeds and Sammy King and the Voltares. I too remember, with a chuckle,going to the lunchtime dance session for 6d. I worked at Thrift Stores head office in Kirkstall and many a lunchtime my colleague Brenda and I used to catch the bus to town, change into a nylon overall with tail comb and silver kirby clips along the pockets, together with Scholl sandals and buy a glass of milk.

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Why dress like this? They didn't dance, just watched and all drinking glasses of milk. The footballers always seemed to go out with hairdressers so we fancied our chances! In answer to Dave Wharton. I was there that night and was a regular at the club as I got in for nothing.

A bunch of us from The Old Mecca went there after sessions finished. I think that Barbara used to wait tables at the club. They went on to marry in and had two sons. Hope this helps.

A Message from Space and Bob's Badges (UK)

I used to go here when it was called 'The Spinning Disc', I will always remember the 'Snowballs' as they called them, a tall glass of crushed ice, with the juice of your choice poured over it, delicious! When I went in the early 70s I think I was a Mod and used to go there on my scooter a Lambretta and dance to the 'Motown' that was played there, I particularly remember 'The Isley brothers - Behind a painted smile' which was played every week.

This was the first nightclub I ever set foot in, and it led to me being smitten, to the point of spending the next 15 years being into Northern Soul in a big way, going to Wigan casino every week and the like. I blame 'the Spinning Disc' for the way my life spanned out, in a good way of course. Just clicked on here by mistake today - amazing! Then Scheerer's music store on North Street. I have loads of pics from these times. Magical - love to all.

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  4. Posted the other day , and my email address was not displayed, would love to hear from anybody. Re Pete's comments on the Dawnbreakers You haven't mentioned playing at The Belle Isle WMC in , it was medal presentation night for Crabtree's football team, we had won the Combination Cup that year, also on the bill that night was Neville King the ventriloquist with his " old man dummy " just prior to becoming famous, he later appeared on The Royal Command Performance.

    I thought the Dawnbreakers were great. I along with some of my friends was a regular at the Mecca around to Apart from Jimmy Saville playing the records, does anyone remember The Benny Goodman Band,not the famous American outfit,but never the less very good. Am I dreaming this or did they actually exist. Roy Orbison and Sammy King are both mentioned in previous comments,and there is a link between the two,Sammy King wrote the song Penny Arcade which Orbison recorded,it was a minor hit in Sammy King now concentrates more on being a stand up comedian, with a small proportion of his act devoted to music.

    I was lucky enough a few years ago to see him in a Caberet Show, and in between his stints on stage he was sat at our table, and was even funnier off stage. Frankie Martin.

    Manual Bob the Balloon, Al Capone and The Two Bob Bouncer.

    They were residents here till around then the moved to the Burnley Mecca. Hi everyone, I was a regular at the Mecca from , when I was I went there on two or three nights a week, most midweek lunch times from until when I worked in a Leeds office, and occasionally on Saturday afternoons. On an evening, these bands used to play from 8.