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Defoe was a successful businessman and trader in the new economic order of his time, and Crusoe is in many ways a contemplation or examination of what imperialist trade meant culturally, morally, ethically, politically and economically. There are all sorts of paradoxes, inconsistencies, complexities, contradictions and conflicts in how Crusoe approaches moral, ethical, religious and even commercial and entrepreneurial issues throughout this book, and volumes have been written about what Defoe was really getting at in some passages.

So, bottom line, you could teach a college level course just based on this book, and you could spark some fascinating discussions, papers, and points of view. It's offerings are rich and varied. But this is a difficult and demanding read if embraced fully, and not at all the kids shelf actioner the "classic tale" label might suggest. By Judyw on Mar 16, This is a wonderful story about the will to survive. This book has been edited, and changed from the original manuscript. I'm against changing the classic's, I feel they should be left as intended by the original author.

That's the only reason I gave it 3 stars. The story itself is a great story of survival and the human spirit. By Hms Warspite on Jan 25, Daniel Defoe's novel was loosely based on the experiences of the real life castaway Alexander Selkirk, but in Defoe's hands, those experiences become an extended moral trial of the hero of the story.

When we first met Robinson Crusoe, he is a thoughtless young man, in love with the idea of adventure and with no idea of the possible consequences or of his responsibilities toward his family.

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He goes to sea, when he encounters more than one disaster but persists in his search for adventure. Finally, his adventuring spirit will leave him a castaway on a seemingly deserted island, the only survivor of the foundering of a ship. Luckily, Crusoe is able to salvage food, tools, weapons, and building materials from his old ship. With this starter kit, he improvises a precarious life on his island. But Crusoe is not yet safe from danger. In addition to the hazards of illness, hurricane, earthquake and loneliness, he will discover both cannibals and pirates in his neighborhood.

Will Crusoe be equal to the tests of his spirit and his ability to survive? Will he ever have the chance to leave his island, and return to his family? This Campfire Graphic Novel nicely adapts the original novel.

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The edited text and artwork capture the essentials of the story, including Crusoe's explicit struggle for redemption after years of wasted living. Highly recommended. By Dr.

The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - Audiobook

Morbius on Jun 27, I had never read Defoe's novel until recently. I found it surprisingly well written very readable to this 21st century reader and engaging. There are moments when Defoe gets bogged down with Crusoe's journal entries, but I had no idea of the other adventures in the novel that preceded the shipwreck made famous in subsequent retellings in the movies and children's abridgements.

Robinson Crusoe (Illustrated Classics for Children)

It remains a watershed escapist novel as well as a survival manual. By David G. Parsons on Jun 18, I had not read "Robinson Crusoe", as a youngster or as required in school.

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I thought I knew the story, but I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased by every page. Our Crusoe is an "old time" MacGyver. I was mesmerized as Crusoe invented useful implements from the ruins of the sunken ship and those things he found on his island. Crusoe's main home and his alternate abode were described with exacting detail. It was as if I was helping him build and bring in his crops The introduction of "Friday" and how he impacted Crusoe was touching and realistically humanitarian. This is not only a story of survival, but one of a man's need to live, love his God, and look for a new tomorrow.

I recommend this fine novel to readers starting at middle teens and all adults. There are several other novels that Mr. Defoe has written that follow the further adventures of his Robinson Crusoe. This first original start of "Robinson Crusoe", is a must. Please read and enjoy it, as I have. David G. By Kam C Cheng on Feb 22, This must be the unabridged version of the book as it has numerous pages of self reflection which I never recalled reading in my youth. There is a quite a bit of self loathing here apart from self pity.

It's almost painful and tiresome to be constantly reading the same thing over and over again of how much he hates himself for disobeying his father and leaving the life of comfort that was set out for him. I would recommend the edited version over this and just skip the repetitive pages in this version.

By Lenial Fitz on Jul 28, This was a pretty good book, although the narrator and main character is a little whiny at the beginning of the book. You think he's about to describe the cause of a shattered and destitute life. But in reality, every disaster leads to something remarkable and often very profitable.

The day to day doings were interesting but they got a little boring, eventually. That is until the savages started coming to the island. But the best part of the book is probably when they get back to Europe and have to journey by land back to England because he's scared of the sea, now and they have to fight off wolves the whole way. There's no safe way to travel!

All in all, pretty good book. By Cschristian on Nov 15, I found this story very interesting. I was fascinated by how Crusoe managed to stay alive for all those years, how he at length came in contact with other people, and how he finally got off the island. His convictions are thought-provoking and motivating, and his use of logic and problem-solving skill are very neat to read about--especially keeping in mind how he knew very little of surviving in the wilderness at first. A lot of hard work!! By Vic S. I highly recommend this book even for older readers.

Most people think that it's just for children but it's not. Even though I read the printed version several times before, this version has a second half that is not usually published. Daniel Defoe has some very interesting insights into religion that don't come out in the first half of the book.

By Amazon Customer on Aug 10, I thought it was very interesting, I especially like how it gave me a view of the importance of Jesus Christ in that time of history in peoples lives. Quite a bit different from today. I thought it also gave me a good picture of the dangers of traveling by sail in that Time of history. I found or thought that the author drag it out a little toward the end.

By Rough Customer on Jun 17, Read this book as a kid 50 years ago, and upon hearing of one of my friends was reading it, I decided that I would read it again, remembering how much I enjoyed it as a youth. Ordered this paperback enriched classic version of Robinson Crusoe and enjoyed reading it again!

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Some reviewers complain about various things, such as the "old english" in the book Crusoe was a real "mind trip" for me, enjoyed being marooned on his island for twenty and seven years with him! Long live Friday and Poll!

ISBN 13: 9780866119689

By Leonard Daneman on Feb 12, One of the first true 'novels' of its kind, from the s, an incredible work on Western Philosophy from the time of its beginnings. Crusoe's reaction to and befriending of the cannibal, Friday, reveals his appreciation of Christ in his life, which he gained from isolation and meditation on the bible. This is a Christian study, giving a remarkable description of the early Mohammadans and Cannibals of the Caribbean.

Another element, very impressive, was the level of ethics in giving one's word as to contract and property. Quite remarkable. By Kindle Customer on Nov 18, My grandson chose this book for me to read to him. At first I was skeptical about it holding the attention of an eleven year old, but he absolutely adored it! I am so glad we read this story for I honestly think the lessons taught within the story are life changing! By Txmomof2 on Mar 01, So even though I am an adult, I have never been required to read this story. Read for the first time with my 10 year old daughter and was pleasantly surprised.

Engrossing story about a man's choices and how he never gave up his faith in spite of overwhelming circumstances. Sad I waited so long to read this classic. Don't pass it by! By Michael A. Bynack on Sep 06, I tried to read this book when I was a teenager and I was put off by the language and writing style. This time I stayed with it and was glad I did.

The writing style is quite a bit different than today's. Some of the sentences in this book were three pages long. I viewed it on a Kindle and was glad to have the dictionary available to look up some of the terms used. Overall a very good book. It dragged in some spots, especially when he spends forty pages discussing why the settlers should marry the women they've lived with.

The scanning was haphazard - there was no editing after it was scanned, so page numbers and odd notations are scattered randomly throughout. It was free, so I can't complain too much. By Mike on Jan 23, Purchased as a gift for a family member. This was not a new copy and I did not want a new one. The condition was exactly as stated in the description.

Classic story and the great feel of an old book.